New Project! – Typography

Well, I like the idea of calendars around my desk, mainly to remind me and to be aware of submissions and other tasks. However, recently I really have been loving the idea of calendars as my computer desktop wallpaper. I sure can say that changing my wallpaper has been a monthly obsession to keep up with the tasks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.01.54 pm

A little sneak peek !

Moreover; the problem is that there is a lack of free HD quality images for desktop backgrounds, and even if the images were of decent quality they still would appear pixilated after I chose not to tile the image throughout the background. Hence I came up with a project. Every month I will design my own “desktop-wallpaper-calendar”. Yes finally! Monthly posts guaranteed! ┬áThis is not just out of a need and hobby but also to be regular with the typography section of blog.

Another sneak peek!!

Another sneak peek!!

SO folks! the last day of every month, I will post the “desktop-wallpaper-calendar ” for the upcoming month (so the end of this month – August – I will be posting the wallpaper for next month which is September).


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