Can art only be found in museums ?

A discussion with my father revealed that the primary source of great art for them was the art exhibits, galleries and museums. However our generation not only has access to galleries but the internet, which intern revolutionised the ability to see, share and analyse any form of art. A great example would be the Google Art Project.


However, is all the art on the internet of good quality and and concept? Well the answer obviously is no, however there are many great source to refer to. Why I initially said no is because here is the problem with the data available on the internet, its unfiltered and well there are wikis; however, there are official websites that have authentic works of art.


Now the question is that is the level and quality of art found on official websites and art exhibits the same? And can exemplary art work only be found in galleries? To be honest in this case , yes there are great sources everywhere. Galleries mostly would have the display of successful and well established artists while the internet or streets would mostly consist of struggling or a varied range of artists. The loop whole is – that art is subjective, some works may be my source of inspiration but something other may look down.


Secondly art is inspired by a particular time period and events that occur within the years the artist is active and working – yes art is not always timeless. For example none of us connect to renaissance art because , lets face it we never got to live and experience that particular time period. However, can we connect to art based on concepts around Donald trump and well … something like gender equality more instead of just feminazi behaviour? Yes of course we can because this is the time period we live in and connect to. Hence artists of our age may produce that conceptually may have a greater appeal to us than lets Picasso.

Furthermore this brings me to my third point which is , that there is may just be a high possibility that in terms of technique one may find better artwork in galleries. This is because artworks in the galleries have had a long list of admirers not because of the concept but also because of their technique skill or even because that artist started a particular movement in art. However on the contrary , new art movements aren’t always started but well recognised artists, it could be started by anyone. For example Bansky wasn’t always a well known artist he just did what he liked – street art. His messages and concepts of art soon captured peoples attention and only after his artwork and art style was famous did people know him.


SO… the final lesson is that traditional and ancient art by established artists is what s found in galleries , while local art forms and works inspired by current events of by “upcoming” artists in found in the locality.


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