In today’s day age where art is not restricted to simple still life sketches or vivid surrealistic scenes, I wonder why art is still widely perceived as a hobby, skill or outlet of emotions.

Yes there are  artists who make works that are thought provoking or do have in depth comparisons. For example  Anish Kapoors “dissension ” : a whirlpool with great depth that compares destruction in the universe with the destroying effect of death on earth.But is that how far we can go?


 There are even artworks who take a bigger leap in terms of concept and incorporate other forms of the arts within themselves. For example Heather Hansen , a new Orleans based artist tried and successfully combined her passion for contemporary dance and sketch. The inspiration was her thought behind capturing the path of her performances in form that was more tactile. This indeed have rise to her famous hour long live performances and a unique form art which she called “kinetic art”.



Though all of these advances could not just be considered a step ahead but a leap in the field of visual arts, I do question why is it just restricted to expressing ourselves ? Why just the current affairs ? The tool of creativity and knack for visual arts has more potentials than what we see today. I believe art can be used for a change. And by this I mean, art can be used to transform our spaces without much expenditure, art can be used lighten the mood in dull or gloomy places yes creativity and use of some skill can take us places and this should just be an excuse for us to try and make art more practical.

Now some may wonder where this though originally came from. I don’t take complete credit for this idea. This thought was introduced by an and architect from Jakarta , Ridwan Kamil. Ridwan Kamil does take interest in developing projects in which everyone and anyone could take part in, right by exercising at a local gym to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy for electrical supply in the vicinity to painting slums and ghetto regions (with permission of course) to lighten the mood of the space which did catch my attention. In short he ventured in town planing with small yet powerful strategies. Of course the broad spectrum overall development and expenditure of capital to update the quality of infrastructure was taken care of but he also realised the power simple tool of art had. And this is what we also must realise.


Click here to watch Ridwan Kamil at Tedx Jakarta

This was just one example. There could be many more if more of use believed that visual art is just not a skill. We do need change in our surroundings. However the solution to change can lie in such simplistic measures. If other fields of studies such as sciences could venture in making major changes in our society , why can’t the skill of visual arts make even minimal yet impactful changes that we truly want. This is just thought and opinions of practicality of art but this definitely be food for thought for all the arts enthusiasts. The belief in #ArtForChange should be real.


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