Save Me From All I Want

The main goal of concept art is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, or mood.In other words, it aims to convey the overall art vision rather than specify everything in exact terms right at the start. Which simply means use of words, colours or other elements such as particular objects that successfully depict a theme or idea. Use of symbolism too is common in this form art.

However concept art and typography is on the rise. Its basically making use of words that depict a theme. For side note these words aren’t direct synonyms of the theme the artist wants to depict. However the artist uses various words that may be distinct and do not follow any grammatical structure but the phrasal meaning effectively depicts a concept. Therefore in conclusion words turn into elements of the artwork and their function is similar to that of paints or shapes represented on a canvas.


And to explain my own creation,its a concept that has been derived from personal experience. This work of mine  titled “save me from all I want” in my eyes is true representation of what desires are to mankind. Desires in my opinion are wants that are extremely enticing and unnecessary in nature. Though they may be harmful or “toxic” for a being we still chase them. Desires for me are not selective but come in a range which begins with relationships with other beings and ends with something as simplistic yet compulsive as behaviour or and un healthy habit. However I focus on the fact that most desires may not have a positive impact, but are so compulsive that one would want to change those thoughts to reality. Even if the end result may not be fruitful.

Lastly I wanted to come up with a work which the viewer could also relate to. By using this phrase I gave the viewers the freedom to derive their own story and experience pertaining  to the phrasal meaning. Though the viewers may establish their own story its also interesting how all of their stories are one tracked and can be grouped under the same heading of “influence of desires on beings”. So though I give them space to develop their own sub concept, most viewers concepts would relate to or over lap with one and other because the phrase can also be termed as a “narrowed” as it controls the flow of the viewers interpretation.


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