The art of Haute Couture


Fashion isn’t just about following trends or the idea of being associated with any high street brand. Fashion to me is rather an extremely intricate form of art.  You as a designer can be the architect of your own appearance;and  chose the right pieces to sculpt your body the way to want it to be. To me its no different than understanding fine arts; paying attention to the most infinitesimal details in both cases is  crucial. Especially when dealing with the most pristine form fashion related art; haute couture.

Chanel's 2013 haute couture

Chanel’s 2013 haute couture

Well haute couture isn’t just about high-end fashion brands(no doubt they are essential and the paradigm in the field) or the finest designers of the world. It’s a whole different world beyond that. Haute couture is the idea of combining finesse with quality fabric components and most importantly a design that defines elegance and rather sets a trend over following one.

Moreover the design of haute couture is like none other. Haute couture is a symbol of excellence in design in the fashion fields. designers of the haute couture definitely don shy away from experimenting. Designers explore the variety of possibilities of every component of clothing and use it to its best to make the most ordinary material look supreme after completion. Also functionally renowned for its custom fit and “made-to-measure” approach dosent just do justice to its aesthetic appeal but also makes the consumer of the creation feel comfortable and convenient.

Dior was among the first to create haute couture pieces

Dior was among the first to create haute couture pieces

However other details that sets this “fashion-form” apart from any other is that not anyone and everyone can buy an haute couture creation. This form of fashion is considered so immaculate that there are just a selected few who actually have the permission to by one, often referred to as the “members” or “club”. The people associated to these clubs  essentially belong to reputed families, have great social influence(for example celebs) or an excellent social reputation. This is mainly to limit haute couture to a niche and reputed market for extensive brand reptation.

Dior's recent haute couture collection

Dior’s recent haute couture collection

Its mainly the illusive idea and exclusivity of haute couture that makes it more of a desirable creation. Though not the most profitable form of art, haute couture is the symbol of class elegance and timelessness that every brand wants making it the most appreciated form of art in the fashion industry. All said please do let me know your opinions on haute couture and you’re favourite pieces in the m=comments down below.


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