Tallest Tower Contender #2: The Sky City

It’s just been 4 years ever since the Burj Khalifa was given the title of the world’s tallest tower. However burj Khalifa won’t even own the  title for a complete decade as there are 2 other towers already competing for fame. “Sky City” and “The Kingdom Tower” both under construction are the next mega structures in anticipation.



The second contender for the world’s tallest towers is Broad Sustainable Building (BSB)’s 9 billion worth project by popularly known as the sky city or sky city 1. The Sky City is located in Changsha, Hunan, China and is estimated to be around 838 m (according to plan) tall which is approximately 10 m taller than the Burj Khalifa.


More over BSB also claims that their brand new project would take just 90days to construct! However the catch being 120 days of prefabrication before site work is needed .Hence the total schedule still being of an astonishing 210 days(keeping in mind the Burj Khalifa took about 5-7 yrs).Though the work was halted in August 2013 due ti government regulations. Most certificates and regulations have been cleared and the work would soon continue.

For technicalities BSB reportedly has built 20 other infrastructures in the similar manner and as proof demonstrated the same by building a 30 story building in about 15 days on site. Secondly BSB didn’t aim at constructing the world’s tallest building at first however with great encouragement from the government their original plan of 202 floors was changed to 666 floors.


BSB claims that 83% of the building would be for residential purposes housing up to 17000 people, 5% will be for hotel housing 1000 guests, 3% would be dedicated to schools hospitals offices and shops. For safety there would be about 10 fire escapes routes which will evacuate everybody on a given floor within 15 mins and construction material that fire resistant up to 3 hrs. While recreational aspects consist of 7 helipads. Sport facilities will include 6 basketball courts and 10 tennis courts.


Plans also  include preserving some green space around the building, 104 high-speed elevators installed , 4 layered glass that will keep buildings temperature constant between 20 to 270C and other advantages of the building will be reflected in its earthquake resistance, energy saving, cleanliness, durability, and materials, which consist of recycled building materials, non-aldehyde / non-lead / non-asbestos building material.


With minimum construction time Sky City may emerge as a strong contender against the Kingdom Tower. However on the flip-side with on again – off again execution making headlines many consider this project to be a marketing gimmick set up by BSB themselves.

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