Tallest Tower Update: Contender #1- The Kingdom Tower

It’s just been 4 years ever since the Burj Khalifa was given the title of the world’s tallest tower. However burj Khalifa wont even own the  title for a complete decade as there are 2 other towers already competing for fame. “Sky City” and “The Kingdom Tower” both under construction are the next mega structures in anticipation.


                             The first ever “Mile High” tower

Previously known as the Mile High Tower the Kingdom Tower is under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is 50 floors taller than Burj Khalifa. With a preliminary cost of USD 1.23 billion The Kingdom Tower is the centerpiece and first phase of a USD 20 billion development known as Kingdom City. The estimated time for construction is 5-6yrs and if completed this tower would be the first ever structure to reach a kilometer high mark.



An idea of the “Kingdom City” development

This tower is constructed by Saudi billionaire price and designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architectural firm (architects of the Burj Khalifa too). The design includes 3 sky lobbies, 59 elevators with speed 10m/s, 200 hotel rooms, 530 apartments and 3190 parking spaces.

An even more fascinating feature of the Kingdom Tower includes a “sky terrace” located at 157th floor. This was originally designed to be a helipad; however after consultation it was known that landing on such height wouldn’t be safe. Hence the helipad was then designed to be an open space with partial glass flooring. Imagine looking down from the 157th floor!


                    The “Sky Terrace” originally designed to be a helipad

This massive structure to signify the country’s prosperity and power definitely is an example of marvelous engineering, well thought design and great ambitions of a team. It’s only 2019 or maybe 2020 when we decide if it’s the Kingdom Tower of Saudi Arabia or China’s Sky City that bags the “Tallest Tower Title”. Visit THE DESIGN NETWORK soon for details of Contender #2- Sky City and further structural details the The Kingdom Tower.


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