‘Real’ Time Management Tips For Creative Individuals

Creative people irrespective of their field be it the arts or design always have more than one projects in progress. While people may say “Just finish it off at a go!”, we all know that this is a lie. So here are a few ways I get work done with various art ongoing art projects.



  1. “Stop when you’re done. Not when you’re tired.”

Apart from being one of the ‘motivational tumblr’ quotes this phrase actually is the truth. The thing with creativity is that you cannot just begin to brainstorm at 6:00 and stop at 6:15. The thought process of mind cannot be limited to certain amount of minutes and well if you have ever found yourself in this situation you sure may not have always been satisfied with the outcome.

So the way you get things done is if you are in the flow just go with it and stop when you can’t continue anymore or have a creative block. That’s the only way you can get things done especially with art and design.


2. Throw your clock out of the window!

Well, not literally but my point is that don’t look at the time! now this may come as a surprise for some people who believe in minute to minute planning to be efficient. But here me out. Let’s say you got to bed at 10:00 pm on a regular basis. But if you were to get additional work done and are required to stay up for  a while; in most cases your productivity would start decreasing from 10:00 pm onwards just because your brain is tricked in thinking that 10:00 pm onwards is rest time and no work happens beyond the particular hour.

However; if you didn’t know what the time is you would keep working anyway. Let me be honest I am the kind of person who has alarms set for most things but when I have an important work or assignment to do I just take of wall clock and go on with assignment until I am completely happy with the outcome. Get what I am trying to say? So of Course this is not a strategy to be used while taking ‘opposite breaks’ .


3. Follow your intuition 

Yes this may be quite basic, but what you feel like doing at the particular moment is what you will do best. After the thoughts and ideas for a particular projects are all gone; the outcome may not represent the best of your attempts.

4. Vision Boards are ‘basic’ but affirmations on your soft boards do nothing but collect dust!

Let’s be honest. Who ACTUALLY reads things on their soft board or walls regularly? Well, kudos to you if you do ,but yeah  that is something definitely not for a person like me. Well, here’s the reason why. Our brain captures striking details and only those details are in focus while the rest is just background noise we avoid. Though affirmation and to do lists may be written in the brightest colors possible eventually they’ll just be a part of the background of your desk but not a detail you will remember.

Instead,  put those ‘to do lists’ or affirmation in places which you see just a few times a day occasionally. For example the desktop of computer , for me is the best place to put things like these. I see it once day unexpectedly and am reminded of the work but at the same time I am not sick of seeing it on a regular basis!


5. Deadlines!

Setting deadlines for creative projects can be crucial however, in my opinion it is just one way to do it right. Set yourself a deadline for ‘draft’ at least 2 days prior the actual one. Especially in the case of written assignments and artworks these extra 2 days enable you to show your work to quiet a few people, take feedback and then improve your work before the final submission.


Though I have listed a few tips I find extremely practical, every person is different. I would not say my method is ideal but it definitely is something that has always worked out for me and quite a few of my friends. Of Course you should try different things out and see what works for you as every person is different. What works for one may not always for the other. Well try these tips out and umm.. Good luck with all the allnighters!




Featured Artist – Cecily Brown

Her paintings are titled after movie musicals, as in the case of Father of the Bride (1999; Buffalo, NY Albright-Knox A.G.), where the paint quality becomes the focus of the subject-matter, with pastel-coloured swirls threatening to engulf the figure of a man. Brown’s work has a humour and a passion that take on the legacy of the male Abstract Expressionists and overturn their epic compositions, using her interest in paint to present mocking sexual imagery in a disturbing combination of sensuality and repulsion.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.16.32 am

New Project! – Typography

Well, I like the idea of calendars around my desk, mainly to remind me and to be aware of submissions and other tasks. However, recently I really have been loving the idea of calendars as my computer desktop wallpaper. I sure can say that changing my wallpaper has been a monthly obsession to keep up with the tasks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.01.54 pm

A little sneak peek !

Moreover; the problem is that there is a lack of free HD quality images for desktop backgrounds, and even if the images were of decent quality they still would appear pixilated after I chose not to tile the image throughout the background. Hence I came up with a project. Every month I will design my own “desktop-wallpaper-calendar”. Yes finally! Monthly posts guaranteed!  This is not just out of a need and hobby but also to be regular with the typography section of blog.

Another sneak peek!!

Another sneak peek!!

SO folks! the last day of every month, I will post the “desktop-wallpaper-calendar ” for the upcoming month (so the end of this month – August – I will be posting the wallpaper for next month which is September).

Can art only be found in museums ?

A discussion with my father revealed that the primary source of great art for them was the art exhibits, galleries and museums. However our generation not only has access to galleries but the internet, which intern revolutionised the ability to see, share and analyse any form of art. A great example would be the Google Art Project.


However, is all the art on the internet of good quality and and concept? Well the answer obviously is no, however there are many great source to refer to. Why I initially said no is because here is the problem with the data available on the internet, its unfiltered and well there are wikis; however, there are official websites that have authentic works of art.


Now the question is that is the level and quality of art found on official websites and art exhibits the same? And can exemplary art work only be found in galleries? To be honest in this case , yes there are great sources everywhere. Galleries mostly would have the display of successful and well established artists while the internet or streets would mostly consist of struggling or a varied range of artists. The loop whole is – that art is subjective, some works may be my source of inspiration but something other may look down.


Secondly art is inspired by a particular time period and events that occur within the years the artist is active and working – yes art is not always timeless. For example none of us connect to renaissance art because , lets face it we never got to live and experience that particular time period. However, can we connect to art based on concepts around Donald trump and well … something like gender equality more instead of just feminazi behaviour? Yes of course we can because this is the time period we live in and connect to. Hence artists of our age may produce that conceptually may have a greater appeal to us than lets Picasso.

Furthermore this brings me to my third point which is , that there is may just be a high possibility that in terms of technique one may find better artwork in galleries. This is because artworks in the galleries have had a long list of admirers not because of the concept but also because of their technique skill or even because that artist started a particular movement in art. However on the contrary , new art movements aren’t always started but well recognised artists, it could be started by anyone. For example Bansky wasn’t always a well known artist he just did what he liked – street art. His messages and concepts of art soon captured peoples attention and only after his artwork and art style was famous did people know him.


SO… the final lesson is that traditional and ancient art by established artists is what s found in galleries , while local art forms and works inspired by current events of by “upcoming” artists in found in the locality.


In today’s day age where art is not restricted to simple still life sketches or vivid surrealistic scenes, I wonder why art is still widely perceived as a hobby, skill or outlet of emotions.

Yes there are  artists who make works that are thought provoking or do have in depth comparisons. For example  Anish Kapoors “dissension ” : a whirlpool with great depth that compares destruction in the universe with the destroying effect of death on earth.But is that how far we can go?


 There are even artworks who take a bigger leap in terms of concept and incorporate other forms of the arts within themselves. For example Heather Hansen , a new Orleans based artist tried and successfully combined her passion for contemporary dance and sketch. The inspiration was her thought behind capturing the path of her performances in form that was more tactile. This indeed have rise to her famous hour long live performances and a unique form art which she called “kinetic art”.



Though all of these advances could not just be considered a step ahead but a leap in the field of visual arts, I do question why is it just restricted to expressing ourselves ? Why just the current affairs ? The tool of creativity and knack for visual arts has more potentials than what we see today. I believe art can be used for a change. And by this I mean, art can be used to transform our spaces without much expenditure, art can be used lighten the mood in dull or gloomy places yes creativity and use of some skill can take us places and this should just be an excuse for us to try and make art more practical.

Now some may wonder where this though originally came from. I don’t take complete credit for this idea. This thought was introduced by an and architect from Jakarta , Ridwan Kamil. Ridwan Kamil does take interest in developing projects in which everyone and anyone could take part in, right by exercising at a local gym to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy for electrical supply in the vicinity to painting slums and ghetto regions (with permission of course) to lighten the mood of the space which did catch my attention. In short he ventured in town planing with small yet powerful strategies. Of course the broad spectrum overall development and expenditure of capital to update the quality of infrastructure was taken care of but he also realised the power simple tool of art had. And this is what we also must realise.


Click here to watch Ridwan Kamil at Tedx Jakarta

This was just one example. There could be many more if more of use believed that visual art is just not a skill. We do need change in our surroundings. However the solution to change can lie in such simplistic measures. If other fields of studies such as sciences could venture in making major changes in our society , why can’t the skill of visual arts make even minimal yet impactful changes that we truly want. This is just thought and opinions of practicality of art but this definitely be food for thought for all the arts enthusiasts. The belief in #ArtForChange should be real.

Save Me From All I Want

The main goal of concept art is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, or mood.In other words, it aims to convey the overall art vision rather than specify everything in exact terms right at the start. Which simply means use of words, colours or other elements such as particular objects that successfully depict a theme or idea. Use of symbolism too is common in this form art.

However concept art and typography is on the rise. Its basically making use of words that depict a theme. For side note these words aren’t direct synonyms of the theme the artist wants to depict. However the artist uses various words that may be distinct and do not follow any grammatical structure but the phrasal meaning effectively depicts a concept. Therefore in conclusion words turn into elements of the artwork and their function is similar to that of paints or shapes represented on a canvas.


And to explain my own creation,its a concept that has been derived from personal experience. This work of mine  titled “save me from all I want” in my eyes is true representation of what desires are to mankind. Desires in my opinion are wants that are extremely enticing and unnecessary in nature. Though they may be harmful or “toxic” for a being we still chase them. Desires for me are not selective but come in a range which begins with relationships with other beings and ends with something as simplistic yet compulsive as behaviour or and un healthy habit. However I focus on the fact that most desires may not have a positive impact, but are so compulsive that one would want to change those thoughts to reality. Even if the end result may not be fruitful.

Lastly I wanted to come up with a work which the viewer could also relate to. By using this phrase I gave the viewers the freedom to derive their own story and experience pertaining  to the phrasal meaning. Though the viewers may establish their own story its also interesting how all of their stories are one tracked and can be grouped under the same heading of “influence of desires on beings”. So though I give them space to develop their own sub concept, most viewers concepts would relate to or over lap with one and other because the phrase can also be termed as a “narrowed” as it controls the flow of the viewers interpretation.